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  • Sermon – 4th Sunday of Easter
    Sunday 25th April 2021 Acts 4:5-12, John 10:11-18 May I speak this morning in the name of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Amen. Nearly every week I start my sermon in that way – seeking to ground my thinking, my writing and ultimately my speaking in the name of God. “…there is no other name under heaven…by which we … Continue reading Sermon – 4th Sunday of Easter
  • Sermon – 3rd Sunday of Easter
    Sunday 18th April; Doubting Disciples Readings: Acts 3:12-19 Luke 24:36b-48 May I speak this morning in the name of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Amen. It is sometimes easy to forget that Easter, like Christmas, is not a single day but it is, in fact, a whole season.   We don’t simply hear the story of the resurrection on Easter morning and then … Continue reading Sermon – 3rd Sunday of Easter
  • Sermon – 2nd Sunday of Easter
    Sermon at St Mary’s Church Hadlow 10 a. m. on the Second Sunday of Easter 11th April 2021 Readings: Acts 4 vv 32 – 35  Believers share their possessions John 20 vv 19 – End  The risen Jesus appears to the disciples on Easter Day and a week later. Introduction.   I have said before that there are two people in … Continue reading Sermon – 2nd Sunday of Easter
  • Sermon – Mothering Sunday, Lent 4
    Sunday 14 March 2021 Fourth Sunday in Lent / Mothering Sunday Readings: Exodus 2:1-10, Luke 2:33-35 This is, tragically, our second Mothering Sunday of not being together here in the church building.  That is slightly skewed by the fact that Easter is a bit earlier than it was last year. Nonetheless, when we were put into lockdown last March and, … Continue reading Sermon – Mothering Sunday, Lent 4
  • Sermon – Sunday before Lent
    14th February 2021 Readings: 2 Kings 2: 1–12  Elisha succeeds Elijah, who is taken up to heaven Mark 9: 2–9  Jesus’ Transfiguration 1.       Introduction.        Alexei Navalny, the Opposition Leader in the Russian government, is a good modern-day example of a person of great courage, who despite an attempt on his life, returns to his home country to challenge the leaders … Continue reading Sermon – Sunday before Lent
  • Sermon – 2nd Sunday before Lent
    Sunday 7 February 2021 – Second Sunday before Lent Readings: Colossians 1:15-20, John 1:1-14 I was most affected by a telephone conversation I had on Thursday morning.  It was a long call, with someone I hadn’t spoken to before, obviously I won’t go into details but their lives had been turned upside down in the last six months – not … Continue reading Sermon – 2nd Sunday before Lent
  • Sermon – Candlemas
    Sunday 31 January 2021 Candlemas – The Presentation of Christ in the Temple Readings: Malachi 3:1-5, Luke 2:22-40 I have a slight concern with the Church of England at the moment.  Actually, I have lots of concerns both for and about the Church of England at the moment, but today’s is this: Sometimes I wonder if we are so keen … Continue reading Sermon – Candlemas
  • Sermon – Epiphany 3
    Sunday 24 January 2021 The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Readings:  1 Corinthians 1:10-13; 3:21-23, John 17:20-23 If you have been joining me for morning or evening prayer over the past week then you will have noticed that we have been travelling through the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. If you have not been joining me for prayer … Continue reading Sermon – Epiphany 3
  • Lent Course
  • Sermon – Epiphany 2
    Sunday 17th January 2021 Readings: 1 Samuel 3: 1-20, John 1: 43-end Why are we here today? I don’t mean why are you at home on Zoom, whilst Francis, Annabelle and I are in a rather cold church, we know all about that, I mean what makes us gather as a church at all? What, or who, calls us together? … Continue reading Sermon – Epiphany 2
  • Sermon – Baptism of Christ
    Sunday 10th January 2021 Readings Acts 19:1-7, Mark 1:4-11 I started trying to write this sermon on Thursday morning, not knowing quite how the world would look whenever, or indeed if-ever, I finished writing it, never mind by the time we came to this morning.  Generally speaking I try not to talk about the sermon writing process when I come to … Continue reading Sermon – Baptism of Christ
  • Sermon – Epiphany
    Sermon Sunday 3 January 2021 The Feast of the Epiphany Readings:  Isaiah 60:1-6,  Matthew 2:1-1 “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.” As most of you probably know, before coming here as Vicar I was a curate in the village of Woodchurch.  One of the lovely peculiarities about Woodchurch, which you … Continue reading Sermon – Epiphany
  • Sermon – St John the Apostle
    Sermon – St John the Apostle,  27 December 2020 1 John 1   God is Light – walk in the light; John 21 vv 19b – End – Jesus’ rebuff of Peter.   John will probably outlive Peter. Introductory.   Christmas has ended.   Thankfully Christmas was not completely cancelled although it wouldn’t have been the first time.   During the period of the Cromwellian Commonwealth, 1642 to 1660, … Continue reading Sermon – St John the Apostle
  • Sermon – 4th Sunday of Advent
    Readings 2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16-end; Luke 1:26-38 “Do not be afraid” There can be no doubt that this has been a year of fear and anxiety.  We have spent most of this year following all the rules and guidelines about preventing the spread of Covid, quite rightly so, but there is no doubt that the virus has caused many people … Continue reading Sermon – 4th Sunday of Advent
  • Hadlow Advent Windows Trail
    24 windows around Hadlow will be decorated throughout Advent with a Christmas theme. On each day of December a different window will be unveiled. Follow the trail around Hadlow. Downloadable map here. The windows will be lit from 4pm until 9pm. Trail maps are also available in St Mary’s Church, Hadlow Parish Council Office and some village shops. View the … Continue reading Hadlow Advent Windows Trail
  • Sermon – Advent Sunday
    Sermon at St Mary’s Church Hadlowon Advent Sunday 29th November 2020 Isaiah 64 vv 1 – 9   A prayer for God to interveneMark 13 vv 24  – E The distress of the last days Introduction.   “O that thou wouldst rend the heavens and come down”.  Perhaps many Christians, and others would echo that prayer of Isaiah at the beginning of … Continue reading Sermon – Advent Sunday
  • CD of Organ Music Now Available
    CDs also available by emailing: or by telephoning 07570 941809
  • Sermon – Christ the King
    22 November 2020 Today is the 22nd November which means that Christmas Day is only just over a month away. Given our current uncertain and parlous state I expect that many of us are thinking about Christmas with varying degrees of joy and apprehension. But, as I alluded to last week, although Christmas is not far away chronologically there are … Continue reading Sermon – Christ the King