Hadlow Community Link with Kibakwe

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St Mary’s Lent Appeal 2017

Will you help St Mary’s rise to the Filter Challenge?

£25 will buy a water filtration kit (including the buckets) to provide clean drinking water in the schools and hospital in Kibakwe. Three were taken out last year and now we would like to send out at least 20 more as they have proved so effective in fighting the spread of water-borne diseases.

Water filter

First water filter installed at Kibakwe Hospital


The Community Link between St Mary’s and Kibakwe started in 2010 and is one of a number of parish links formed within the Diocesan Link between the Diocese of Rochester and the Diocese of Mpwapwa.  For more information on the Diocesan Link click here.

The community link involves not only the congregation of St Mary’s but also Hadlow Primary School and Hadlow Scout Group.  For more information on how each of the aforementioned groups are involved click here

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