Hadlow Scarecrow Trail 2017

The winners of our first ever Scarecrow Trail were:

1st Prize Rowan Class of Hadlow Primary School with Eric the Ecowarrior.


IMG_1583 (2) Eric the Ecowarrior                                 Eric was made of logs, twigs, fir cones and straw, with bird fat balls for eyes. However, having won the popular vote, Eric will not be resting on his laurels. He will be put to work in the grounds of Hadlow Primary School as an insect habitat – or “bug hotel”.

IMG_2194 (2) 2nd prize:  Shrek by Hadlow Scouts

IMG_2203 (2)  3rd prize: Monty Don and Nigel    by Hadlow Community Allotment                                                   IMG_2204

Special mention should also be made of  Harry Potter and Voldemort by the Neal Family which missed out on sharing 3rd prize by just one point!                                                                                                                         IMG_2243                                        IMG_2241 (2) IMG_2242 (2)

Please scroll down to see all the wonderful Scarecrows

IMG_2209 (2)  West Kent Wonder Student                 by West Kent College

IMG_2206 (2)                                                                   Wicked Witch of the West  by Hadlow College

The Wicked Queen  IMG_2200 (2)                                                                            by Hadlow Amateur Dramatic Society

IMG_2198 (2)                                                                         Florence Nightingale  by Hadlow Historical Society

IMG_2197 (2)                                                                            Darth Vader by KHP Country Homes

IMG_2196 (2)         IMG_2195 (2)      Simple Simon by McColls                 Big Bad Healthy Wolf by JG Fruits

IMG_2175  The Scarecrow Family        by Knit and Natter           IMG_2174

IMG_2177 (2) Captain Jack Sparrow                                by Emily and Cliff Finch

The Incredible Hulk      IMG_2185 (2)                                                                                      by Hadlow Pharmacy

IMG_2192 (2) Noddy by Coffee Pots & Tiny Tots

IMG_2189 (2)                   IMG_2187 (3)                                     Evil Dr Chocolate                          Chester the Champion                                      by  Oak Class                                    by Chestnut Class

IMG_2186 (2)                           IMG_2179 (2)Stormtrooper by Maple Class                  Bad Apple by Apple Class

IMG_2191 (2)      IMG_2180 (2)  Superkid by Plum Class                          Minnion Bob by Cherry Class

IMG_2178 (2)                                                                        The Evil Witch of the West by Molly and Geoff Smith

IMG_2190 (2)                         IMG_2188 (3) Beaver Minion by Hadlow Beavers             Goldbeard by Hadlow Cubs

IMG_2239 (2)   Earth Mother                                               by the Mothers’ Union

The Incredible Hulk     IMG_2226 (2)                                                             by the Welbon Family

IMG_2225Billy by the Two Brewers

St Teresa of Calcutta      IMG_2220                                                                    by St Peter’s RC Church

IMG_2219 (2)       IMG_2228 (2) Super Mum by Clare and Libby                        Super Barnie Bee                                                                                                                by Barnies NurseryIMG_2231 (2)  Flo the Fantastic Footstepper by Footsteps

IMG_2232 (2)       IMG_2233 (2)                     The Scarecrow from Batman Returns by Lesley Bright

IMG_2229 (2)                                                 Supercop arrests Minion by Hadlow Parish Council

IMG_2236 (2)       IMG_2235 (2)  Guy Fawkes by Hadlow Artists                      WI Wonder Woman                                                                                                                 by Hadlow WI

Father Christmas      Father Christmas (2)                                                                        by Bethany and Monty

IMG_2215 (2) Spiderman by the McCarthy Family

The Fiery Grasscutter IMG_2212                                                                    by Lynda and Trudy Richards

IMG_2211 (2)  Herbie by Mary Stevenson

Thank you to all who took part