If you are unfortunate enough to have missed any services and would like to read the Vicar’s sermon or, indeed, if you were lucky enough to be present in church when it was delivered and would like to look at the sermon in more detail then most sermons can be found on Rev Paul White’s blog.

Past Sermons

  • 7th Sunday of Easter Sermon
    7th Sunday of Easter 2020 – Acts 1: 6-14, John 17: 1-11 “…so that they may be one, as we are one”, Jesus prays in verse 11 of our Gospel reading this morning. “… that they may be one as we are one”. On this last Sunday of Easter, we are invited to listen in … Continue reading Sermons Read more
  • 6th Sunday of Easter Sermon
    6th Sunday of Easter 2020 – (Acts 17: 22-31, John 14: 15-21) “I will not leave you orphaned” says Jesus in our reading from Johns Gospel this morning. I wonder what images come to your mind when you hear the word “orphan”. Perhaps an orphan like Annie as portrayed in the film or musical, or … Continue reading Sermons Read more
  • 5th Sunday of Easter Sermon
    John 14: 1-14 So on this fifth Sunday of Easter, the setting of our Gospel is grim and sombre.  After all Jesus has just finished a last supper with his disciples.  He has washed their feet, given them a new commandment, predicted Peter’s denial, foretold Judas’s betrayal, and told his friends that he is about … Continue reading Sermons Read more
  • 4th Sunday of Easter Sermon
    I am the good shepherd – John 10: 1-15 “I am the Good Shepherd” Jesus says. Our Gospel reading today gives us that wonderful image of Jesus the good shepherd. It is one we have probably pictured before, and I wonder what images come to mind for each of you now? I expect if I … Continue reading Sermons Read more
  • 3rd Sunday of Easter Sermon
    Luke 24: 13-35 Did you notice those words? Just four of them in verse 21, roughly halfway through the passage we heard this morning. “But we had hoped”. I wonder how many times we have spoken those words or words similar. On this third Sunday of Easter, we find ourselves travelling a road that’s uncomfortably … Continue reading Sermons Read more