If you are unfortunate enough to have missed any services and would like to read the Vicar’s sermon or, indeed, if you were lucky enough to be present in church when it was delivered and would like to look at the sermon in more detail then most sermons can be found on Rev Paul White’s blog.

Past Sermons

  • Sermon – Trinity 16
    Sunday 27th September 2020 Phillipians 2:1-13, Matthew 21:23-32 Today, there can be no doubt, we are all experiencing a huge range of emotions. Firstly, and most importantly, I am sure Nicky will agree, we are gathered with joy as the church in this community to hear God’s word, to celebrate Sunday as the Day of … Continue reading Sermon – Trinity 16
  • Sermon – Trinity 14
    Sermon at St Mary’s Church Hadlow 10 a. m. on Trinity 14, 13th September 2020 Exodus 14 verses 19 – End    The Lord protects the Israelites Matthew 18 verses 21 – 35 The unforgiving servant Battle of Britain.  Last weekend, on Saturday 5th September I met three members of the family of Squadron Leader … Continue reading Sermon – Trinity 14
  • Sermon – Trinity 13
    Sunday 6th September 2020 – Romans 13:8-end, Matthew 18:15-20 It is a great joy for me to be preaching with people gathered here in Church this morning.  Although you will all have seen more than enough of me on your computer screens for the last three months, and some of you have been able to … Continue reading Sermon – Trinity 13
  • Sermon – Trinity 12
    Sunday 30 August 2020 – Exodus 3:1-15, Matthew 16:21-end The world, by which I mean in this case the tabloid press, love a good ‘naughty Vicar’ story.  If a vicar is caught cheating on their partner or committing any kind of crime then you can bet that the press will be all over the story … Continue reading Sermon – Trinity 12
  • Sermon – Trinity 11
    Sermon at St Mary’s Church Hadlow 10 a. m. on Trinity 11, 23rd August 2020 Exodus 1 v 8 – 2 v 10    Birth and upbringing of Moses Matthew 16 vv 13 – 20  Peter’s confession of Christ Introduction.       Julia and I returned 9 days ago from a two-week family holiday in Cornwall.  On … Continue reading Sermon – Trinity 11