Wednesday Homily 1/4/2020 – John 8: 31-42

Posted by St. Mary's Hadlow on Wednesday, 1 April 2020

The word.  What is so important about the word?  Why the emphasis over and over again?  Does Jesus literally mean the words?  Or is it what they represent?  How do you continue IN the word?  You continue in the word by following the teachings of Jesus and by living according to his word.  That is how to continue in the word.  If you do this the truth will be revealed to you, and eventually you will be freed from all that enslaves your body and your mind.  This is true freedom.

Here Jesus tells the Jews, “my word has no place among you.”  There is no physical space for the word of Jesus in their lives.  And not only was their no physical space for the Word, his word threatened their way of life.  We know that Jesus disagreed with many of the customs and Laws that the Jews held sacred.  If the word became part of their lives, their lives would be forced to change dramatically.

How many people do you know today that have no room in their lives for the Word?  How many people do you know who if they allowed the word in their hearts, that word would threaten their lifestyles?  I expect too there are many, people who are so busy with the details of their life that the word of God literally has no room to take root in their hearts.  No room to exert its transformative power and as a result they remain enslaved by their lives and the all unimportant details that consume them.

One thing in this life is important:  To continue and remain in the word.  Everything else is secondary, and once you begin to live the word everything else falls into place.  The word truly frees.

Jesus told us the truth of God, our salvation lies in continuing in his word.

So today, take a moment and ask yourself:  Do you “continue in Jesus’ word” and how do you do this?  At times, it may be difficult to know what it means to continue in Jesus’ word.  Today I invite you to choose a phrase or sentence of this Gospel and slowly repeat the phrase or sentence aloud or in your mind for five minutes.

After you have done this, sit quietly for another few minutes.  When you are ready, open your eyes and thank Jesus for being with you today.  Allow Jesus’ word to remain and continue in you throughout your day.  Amen

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